Welcome !


Hello, my name is Toni.  I am a full time Mom, Photographer, Visual Art Designer and I live in the great PNW.


 It is my passion to make and design beautiful artistic image and products from at unique perspective weather it be by painting, drawing, making a multi-genre image, photography art or a portrait. 


***I provide Creative Services such as, Lifestyle Photography, Custom Product Design,

Photo Album Design, Custom Artwork, Home Décor, Project Assistance  and Special Requests--- Just Ask.


I believe in providing you with a custom, personalized photo shoot experience.  Sitting down with me and discussing what type of portraits you want . It also, means that I do not believe in a ONE SIZE FITS ALL Creative/Photo Sesssion  Fee. 

I base it on each clients individual wants and needs.


Products;  Instead of just just handing you a cd  (which is an option) of image  that tends to get tossed in a drawer and forgotten about .

 I walk you through your investment process of choosing tangible products (Gift Prints, Wall Art, Albums and more) that your family and future generations can enjoy. 

After all, your memories are priceless and should be displayed for everyone to adore.


Whether, you like an artistic flair to your photographs or you prefer a more traditional look,

I have you covered.  Each photograph  will be a truly unique piece of Fine Artwork for you and

your family


***Business Services-- Project Assistance, Client/Customer Support and Special Requests


***I will consider all SPECIAL REQUESTS and COMMISSIONS for all my services I provide as well as any

Artworks to be made. (Paintings, Photography...etc..)


ADDITIONAL INFO ***I have had public art shows in Starbucks Stores where I have sold my art and received phone call to thanks me for my talents so they were able to purchase my artworks.

I make and sell One of a Kind Paintings, Artworks and Photography Art.


Currently, you can find some of these for sale on my Visual Art Portfolio tonisomes.smugmug.com

Artist Tools I make Art in a variety of Genres and Mediums.  Painting, Photography Art, Lifestyle Photography, Portrait Photography and Drawing are just a few of my favorites.


Feel free to contact me my phone or e-mail and we can talk about the details and  any questions you may have.

You can visit my Fine Art For Sale Site link to purchase awesome artworks.